I love creating scenes in which figures take different positions and shapes. They are subjected to a relentless search for balance. Often within themselves, but also in relation with others and their surroundings. The characters often float away or take off. They do not seem to be subjected to the forces of nature. Other times they are exposed to a very strong and present gravity. They then fall down and seek support from each other, lean against each other to ultimately result in a stilled version of a memory, an alternative reality or a reflection.

In general, I work as much as possible straight from my memory, since I want it to be my main advisery. I make prelimenary sketches and try not to look too much to added images. That way I am getting as close as possible to a stilled version of an initial impression or memory that constantly gets intertwined with the thoughts of the moment.

With my recent paintings in “Of Course I Still Love You” I keep floating between fiction and reality. Influenced by Science Fiction adventures, the continuous search for new worlds, the current rapid developments in space travel and exploration, and the groundbreaking discoveries in science.
Dreams about new ways of living are now being developed by today’s scientists and engineers to create a new reality for tomorrow. Looking back at the fantasies and dreams of the past and their ideas about their future inspires me to dream and fantasize about our new possibilities, undiscovered worlds and the research and journey towards them.
A big part of my recent work therefore focuses as well on another perspective; the backstage, the intense preparations, the unseen exercises and many test phases that precede the adventures and discoveries.

The title of the show and the homonymous exhibited painting is, in addition to being strong, energetic and hopeful, also a reference and tribute to a drone ship and a large landing platform controlled by a fully autonomous robot that was commissioned by SpaceX, for the landing back of the booster engines of the rockets that lift off to space – a milestone achievement for the future space exploration and our upcoming trips to the Red Planet and further.
He, in turn, derived the name from the science fiction novel “The Player of Games” by Ian M. Banks and thus fiction keeps creating reality which in turn continues influencing fiction.


Michaël De Clercq
– Antwerp, Belgium –



2020 /
Solo show, “Of Course I Still Love You”, Kusseneers gallery, Menenstraat 10, Brussels

2019 /
‘Meeting POINT Antwerp’, (during Antwerp Art Weekend) with me, Nils Verkaeren, Ermias Kifleyesus and Klaus Verscheure, by Kusseneers gallery, Hopland 10, Antwerp
Solo show, “My eyes got diverted again”, Kusseneers gallery, Menenstraat 10, Brussels
New Year’s drink and group show, Kusseneers gallery, Menenstraat 10, Brussels

2018 /
“The Human Condition”, Duo-expo with Tom Poelmans, Kusseneers gallery, Menenstraat 10, Brussels
“The Spring Art Salon”, Accessible Art Fair, L’Ancienne Nonciature, Rue des Sablons 7, Brussels

2017 /
Group expo, “You don’t need an app to experience the real thing”, Kusseneers gallery, Menenstraat 10, Brussels
Group expo, Kunst/Werk #4, Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse, Plein Public,  Van Craesbeeckstraat 33, Antwerp

2015 /
Solo expo, “Provoking the unreal”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerp
Group expo, Nema Tog Podruma 5: Gramme Vrijdag, F44(sic), Borgerhout
Solo expo, “Oh Dear”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai, Antwerpen
Group expo, Bamaan, maanis, chamaan, komaan, factor 44, Borgerhout
Group expo, A belgian politician, marion de canniere art space, Antwerp
Solo expo, “The walk of giants”, SMK31, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerp
Co founded SMK31

2014 /
Group expo, Nema Tog Podruma 4: Papa Bingo, F44(sic), Borgerhout
Group expo, Magma crowded, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerp
Group expo, Nema Tog Podruma 3: F44(sic), Borgerhout

2013 /
Group expo, Time To Pretend, Diestsestraat 253, Leuven
Group expo, Magma 5, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerp
Group expo, Magma 4, St-Michielskaai 31, Antwerp

2012 /
Group expo, Magma 3, Hardenvoort, Antwerp
Group expo, Magma 2, Hardenvoort, Antwerp

2011 /
Group expo, Magma 1, Hardenvoort, Antwerp
Co created Magma

2009 /
Price, Prijs voor Schilderkunst Burgemeester Camille Huysmans, Antwerp (selected)

2008 /
Price, Gaverprijs, CC De schakel,Waregem (selected)
Group expo, Expo Cartoon’s – Cinema, Antwerp
Solo expo, 1Expo, Campus Drie Eiken,Wilrijk

2007 /
Award, Horlait-Dapsens Foundations (laureaat)
Graduated in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Master degree Arts, Painting (Class Fred Bervoets)

1981 /
I am born in Borgerhout,  Antwerp